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The multi-step RGS Sanitizing and Sealant System combines technological advances in equipment and disinfectant and sealing solutions to provide maximum initial sanitizing and long-term protection against recurring biologic growth.

Thorough testing of our system guarantees a healthier environment for boaters and their guests. Interior spaces, from staterooms and heads to salons and galleys, as well as topside surfaces of fiberglass and wood, aluminum and other metal brightwork, are completely sealed using Nano-Technology Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) and Anti-Microbial, Cationic Charge Density in a crosslinked polymer structure.

That's a fancy way of saying "We've got it covered!" Our system destroys viruses and bacteria that can cause staph infections and even MRSA!

How It Works

First, let's be clear. Although the process leaves the space sanitized, this is not a cleaning service. It is not a detailing service. You, the vessel owner or superintendent, are required to have the vessel cleaned to remove surface dirt and grime and remove all linens and personal items. Once the vessel has been cleaned and cleared, our licensed and bonded dealers and their technicians will begin the sanitizing process.

Initially, the system introduces a quaternary disinfectant using several application technologies to effectively eradicate airborne pathogens and contaminates. Once these particles have settled onto surfaces, the technician follows up with a more focused and concentrated disinfectant application using portable electrostatic sprayers followed by low moisture content vapor steam scrubbers to dislodge any excess buildup of bio matter. This patented process converts minerals in tap water to nano crystals opening up the cell wall of any remaining live spores and the steam vapor kills them within a matter of seconds.

Once the entire area has been treated and dries, (drying times vary depending on ambient temperature and ventilation), special vacuum systems remove dead spores and pathogens, trapping them in the advanced filtration so that nothing is re-introduced or blown back into the space from the exhaust. Now that the vessel has been completely sanitized, sealants are applied to surfaces which prevent contaminates from growing for up to three years. Heavily trafficked areas may require a booster treatment after a year as mechanical weathering can reduce efficacy longevity. Your dealer can best advise you on that.

Now you can enjoy your boating experience in a cleaner, healthier environment!

Disclaimer: RGS Distributors, LLC makes no claim or warranty, expressed or implied beyond that of any one manufacturer or supplier. In instances where outside contaminants have been brought into the treated space, neither RGS Distributors, LLC nor its' dealers can be held responsible for re-contamination and may charge an additional fee to retreat the infected area.

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