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Marine Consulting
RGS Distributors, LLC,  Baltimore, Maryland, Marine Toxic Mold Cleaning The International Institute of Marine Surveyors, headquartered in Portsmouth, UK, defines the duties and responsibilities of a Marine Consultant as "An individual who offers their skills and services based on their knowledge and experience in a specific field providing advice and information that the client does not have." This differs from a Marine Surveyor who is defined as "An individual who measures, assesses, inspects, examines and reports on the subject of the survey based on the clients' instructions.

Most consultants are qualified to do the work of a surveyor but not all surveyors are qualified to be consultants. RGS Distributors, LLC, is proud to offer qualified Marine Consultants to navigate issues related to Maritime Law, Insurance Loss Investigation, International Maritime Regulations and Standards, as well as performing standard surveys required by lenders and insurance companies as a result of the purchasing process.

Worldwide Services and Expertise Include:.
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Insurance Damage Claim Surveys
  • Claims Loss Valuation
  • Accident Investigations
  • Salvage Planning and Supervision
  • Marine and Cargo Survey
  • Expert Witness
  • Vessel Appraisal
  • Mold Detection and Analysis
RGS Distributors, LLC is not, nor does it hold itself out to be, a marine surveyor or marine consultant. We refer anyone seeking those related services to members in good standing of SAMS, NAMS, IIMS and/or other qualified associations serving the maritime industry.

A list of professionals in your geographic area or pertaining to your specific requirements can be obtained by sending an email request to: info@rgs-distributors.com

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