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Comprehensive Sanitizing and Sealing System
RGS Distributors, LLC,  Baltimore, Maryland, Marine Toxic Mold Cleaning Specially qualified laboratories examine samples taken from vessels to determine type and severity of contamination.

Sophisticated scientific equipment is needed to develop high-tech solutions to combat new strains of mold, bacteria and viruses.

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Mold Testing
RGS Distributors, LLC,  Baltimore, Maryland, Marine Toxic Mold Cleaning Testing for mold is not simply looking for spots on fabric or finishes. Mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses hide in areas that are typically not seen and can be airborne pathogens. Your sense of smell is normally the first indication that these biologic particles are present, but you may not always visually see them. Using disinfectant wipes or over the counter sprays can mitigate the problem on surface areas however, without treating the "hidden" problem, removing the dead spores and then sealing the surfaces to prevent future contamination, you'll be fighting a constant and losing battle.

Our detection methodology includes the use of test strips on several locations in your vessel and sending the strips to qualified laboratories for analysis regarding type of contaminate and severity or level of contamination. There is often more than one type of spore or bacteria present. A detailed report is provided to explain the possible origin or source of the problem, i.e., embedded or externally introduced into the space. These tests will also determine if the contamination is in the ventilation system and to what degree.

With that report, you can discuss with service providers options for mitigation. Boaters who spend extended time on their vessel or have guests who may be hyper sensitive to contamination usually want the problem resolved completely and permanently. Full treatment can protect against recurring contamination for up to three years.

Buyers, sellers, brokers and professional sales people will all want to make the vessel as near perfect as possible to make ownership transition a pleasant experience. No one wants to go on a boat where foul odors are present or are masked with perfume air fresheners.

Contact info@rgs-distributors.com for an independent, authorized mold inspector near you. They can best advise you on where to go for treatment options.

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