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So What Is Nano Technology and Why Should I Care?
RGS Distributors, LLC,  Baltimore, Maryland, Marine Toxic Mold Cleaning Understanding Nano Technology is made a little easier since there are several good websites explaining the how and why of NanoTech. Here are a few that we've visited:.explainthatstuff.com and .dummies.com/education/science/nanotechnology. Using your search engine you can find more detailed technical information but for our purposes, these two options will give you the basics.

Our Nano Technology products are revolutionary in the marine industry and have been developed to make your boating experience more enjoyable with less work needed to maintain the cleanliness and sanitary environment in, on and around your vessel

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Nano-Technology Cleaning - Our Vapor Jet system uses tap water and converts the minerals in the water to nano-crystals which break open the cell wall of biologic growth. The low moisture, high heat of the steam kills any live spores within seconds and the residue is picked up using absorption cloths attached to the application wand. Additional scrubbers can be used for heavy concentration of bio matter without damaging surfaces. To date, although there are some internet sites claiming to sell nano-technology disinfectants, we have been unable to confirm those claims or test those products.

Nano-Technology Sealants - Here's where it gets interesting. Sanitizing your vessel involves a process that includes applying disinfectants and removing the dead bio matter from the space. (Very important to remove the dead spores as they can still cause health problems for people and pets with high sensitivity to contaminates.) In order to prevent re-contamination, a sealant is applied to keep the stuff from coming back for an extended period. These sealants employ different molecular actions.

nano technology One sealant uses a Photo Catalytic Oxidation formula triggering a reaction to natural and ambient light that oxidizes germs, viruses and harmful VOC's. Because it requires light to function as it is supposed to, it is not recommended for closed areas.

Another sealant uses a process called Cationic Charge Density in a crosslinked polymer which employs a physical action attracting contaminants to the sealant. The molecular structure of the product then pierces the spores cell wall and effectively electrocutes the living matter, killing it. Since there is no transfer of matter, barring excessive wear in heavily trafficked areas, the process continues to function inhibiting the growth of viable organic matter.

Application of sealants provides an additional benefit. When applied to surfaces, interior and exterior, after cruise cleanup is so much easier. A damp cloth to wipe down surfaces is typically all that is needed. No scrubbing, no cleaning solvents or chemicals with residual odor. Now you can spend more time on the water enjoying your vessel and less time cleaning it.

Nano Sealants provide a shield against UV degradation on exposed surfaces, and inhibit corrosion and biologic growth below the waterline. If you haul your vessel out of the water for out of season storage, consider using our sealants as an adjunct to or in lieu of ablative bottom paint. Nano technology sealants provide a smoother, non-porous surface reducing drag, improving fuel efficiency and increasing performance.

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