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Comprehensive Sanitizing and Sealing System
RGS Distributors, LLC,  Baltimore, Maryland, Marine Toxic Mold Cleaning The Covid-19 Pandemic has drastically changed the need for protocols, products and processes to ensure we can live, work and play in a safe, healthy environment.

Our acute awareness demands that we take a more serious approach to protect against contamination from fungal, bacterial and viral contaminants. To that end, it is our goal to provide you with the appropriate solutions to achieve maximum protection with minimum disruption to your environment.

There seems to be no end to the proposed solutions and gimmicks being offered to mitigate and deter the spread of Covid-19. The CDC and EPA experts continue to debate the best protocols, leaving you with the task of sorting through fact vs. sales propaganda. One thing is certain, to do nothing is to invite potential litigation from claimants wanting to declare your facility as the source of their infection. By taking an aggressive, layered approach to sanitize your space, you provide yourself with the documentation to thwart any serious legal challenge.

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